1948 Indian Chief Roadmaster

Picture 24Year by year I have had this building desire to own an Indian motorcycle. It started out when I was just a small child, sitting on Santa’s lap at the local department store.
Did I get one? No. Has my desire for an Indian motorcycle been fulfilled? Not yet, but it is getting a lot closer.

My yearning for an Indian was rekindled by my friend Roger when he bought a basket case ’37 Indian Chief and brought it back to life.
Roger let me ride the ‘Chief’ a couple of times,the last ride was nearly half a day…that’s why it was the ‘last’ ride. That ride was when my lust for an Indian motorcycle grew even more.

Today, I have a few choices. One; find a basket case like my friend Roger did and rebuild it. Two; buy one of the Harley clone models styled to look like an ‘Indian’ from the recent past. Three; wait for one of the new Indian’s that actually will be a new original Indian. Four; find one that is ready to go for a ride now…or, very soon with little work on my part.Picture 23

Number one option, no way. Number two, I’d rather do number one choice. Number three, high probability. Number four, the best choice.

I found a very nice ’48 Chief Roadmaster on ebay today. This is the pumped up Chief. Beefier motor, optional saddle bags. This bike is a runner according to the owner. I would put new tires on the bike, check the electrics and then ride. From my couple of rides on a Chief I would carry a good tool kit, a few spare parts tucked away in the saddle bags, and then just ride. Ride as far as you want, the Indian will get you there…in true classic style.

Click on the pictures below for more pictures and info on this really nice Indian for sale.

Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 18
Picture 191948 Indian Chief

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