1950 Cushman3 Wheeler

Picture 6Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (sp?) are just a couple of days away, people have been camping out in front of Walmart and Best Buy for days now to get the best deal on stuff that they say they are giving as presents but you and I know that most of those folks are buying up that stuff for themselves and…they actually think they are getting a great deal. However, you and I are a lot smarter than that, we use ebay and Amazon and shop in our jammies.

At this time of year we motorcycle collectors and restorers start thinking of friends that we would like to get a gift for and as we start this process we put our friends into the ‘naughty vs. nice’ list. The ‘nice’ list gets stuff out of the Aerostich/Riders Warehouse catalog, the ‘naughty’ group gets whatever piece of crap we can find at our local motorcycle boneyard or on ebay. Today I found the ultimate ‘Lump of Coal’ for someone’s Christmas stocking.Picture 5

We all have a friend that we just love torturing with junk, what we actually don’t think about is the effect it has on that persons significant other (somewhat tolerant wife), Oh well. A twenty year old fruit cake that has been passed from one friend (?) to another over the years is one thing but a vehicle dropped off in the driveway is entirely something different.

For that friend (?) you believe deserves a lump of coal I present to you a 1950 Cushman 3 Wheeled Rust Bucket. No motor, no trans, you’re gonna have to push it anywhere (out to the curb I would imagine) and hope that your neighborhood organization doesn’t send you some nasty letter and a fine.

If you have a friend (?) that has a very good sense of humor or that you would like to really irritate I’d contact the seller of this fine piece of Americana and ask him how much he’ll pay you to take it off his hands.
Click on the pics below for more info and a few more pictures. Have fun thinking of the one friend (?) that deserves this more than anyone else.

Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 111950 Cushman 3 Wheeler

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