1960 Cushman Road King

Picture 21Well, here we are again looking at something way too cool, a ride that will give you a huge grin on your face for a bunch of reasons. First, it’s a classic scooter; second, it’s a Cushman (you don’t see those around every corner); third it is so strange looking that the cool factor is off the charts.

Cushman scooters were the epitome of sturdy, reliable, and trustworthy…the Boy Scout of scooters. Cushman built the scooter used by the military through World War 2 and beyond, the US Postal Service, schools for maintenance, hunters, golf courses, and anywhere you needed a trouble free utility vehicle. But Cushman wanted more, they wanted the general public to buy their scooters.Picture 22

Cushman scooters were not what you would call stylish by any stretch of the imagination, clunky is the description I would use. But then Buck Rogers joined the design team. Welcome, the Road King. Jet age styling with Cushman low tech. Fun to ride and draws looks from everybody. The looks range from “what the hell is that?” to “wow, that is so cool”. I would love one.

Cushman brought the centrifugal clutch to the scooter world with their two speed transmission..twist and go. The twist was interesting though, you actually roll the throttle forward, opposite of normal motorcycles, took a bit of getting used to I would imagine. The Road King got an estimated 75MPG out of its 8Hp Cushman Husky motor and topped out at around 50mph. Can it get out of its own way? yeah, kinda but who cares, it’s just too much fun to ride.

Picture 20I found a really nice Road King on ebay this morning that is a rider not a museum piece. It has the nicks and scratches that come with age but this scooter has aged very gracefully. The owner doesn’t state the miles but says it is a runner and has been gone over by a Cushman mechanic. It looks like it has a non stock muffler but that shouldn’t stop you from buying it.

There are quite a few Cushman websites and forums out there so finding parts, information, and support along with camaraderie will be easy. So, if you would like to have something that is truly unique and truly American, a Cushman Road King is something you should have. This is not your everyday grocery getter scooter, this is a Cushman Road King…too cool.
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1960 Cushman Road King

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