1968 Bultaco Campera 175

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I spent years riding Bultaco motorcycles and loved every one of them. Well, in truth I loved a few of them, ok, not that many of them. But, there is something about Bultaco’s that makes everyone who has owned one, love them. It’s weird.

I don’t know what it is that makes me love these motorcycles, but I do. I have been stranded in the desert more times than I care to remember by a Bultaco. I have been pitched over the handlebars, high-sided into a cactus bush, and been stuck axle deep in mud all on a Bultaco. Notice, I didn’t say because of a Bultaco. Most of my misfortune has been due to rider error, but still, there were plenty of times the bike was the culprit. And yet, Bultaco holds a special place in my heart.

I have ridden Matador’s, Pursang’s, Astro’s, Lobito’s, Shepa’s and Metralla’s but never a Campera. I wonder why? The Campera, as I look at it now, almost seems a perfect bike for it’s time. The Campera used essentially a Trials bike motor (lot’s of low end torque and smooth power delivery) stuck into an Enduro chassis (good road going capabilities). A proper ‘Dual Sport’. The Campera is a simple motorcycle with classic European Enduro styling, and it is Moto Giro legal for those of you that would like to ride that event…I want to. The 175cc motor is a very low stress little powerplant and if you don’t abuse it should just go and go.Picture 10

I found a Campera on ebay this morning that needs a good home. It is a runner but it certainly needs some love. Other than cosmetics some simple going through the mechanicals and you would have a fun bike to ride just about anywhere. Is it worth doing a full ‘show room’ restoration? No. Is it worth painting the tank and doing some other cosmetic work? Yes. Is it worth the asking price? Probably. If you like Bultaco and want a unique model from the Spanish company, give this little Campera a look.

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Picture 51968 Bultaco Campera

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