1971 Honda SL350

Picture 6The Honda SL350, an amazing motorcycle.

When I had reached the point of wanting to shoot my race bikes, a Bultaco Pursang and a Matador, right through the cylinder head I bought a Honda. A 1971 Honda SL350. Actually, I bought the Honda as a street bike that I could ride to and from school and work every day and know that I would get there, and home each day.

When the Pursang stranded me in the desert for the last time I decided the SL was my new racer of choice. I stripped it down to fighting weight and headed for the desert. The SL worked just great and never gave me a bit of trouble. It wasn’t the fastest or the best handling but it was good enough and I was happy as could be.Picture 7
I found a really nice SL on ebay this morning at a good price. It appears to be completely stock, which is a good thing, low miles and cosmetically beautiful. Hey, if you ca find an Sl model with a good set of stock mufflers BUY IT!!!.

It’s no secret that I love the Honda 350’s and so does most of the world ( it is the best selling motorcycle of all time) and the SL is my favorite. The double downtube frame, kickstart only, slide carbs instead of CV’s..it is a truly amazing motorcycle that can become almost anything. My newest SL is going to become a Cafe Racer. However, if you would like a really wonderful do anything motorbike this particular SL is a good deal. Click on the pics below for more more info and more pictures.

Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 51971 Honda Sl 350

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