1974 Honda CL125

East Buttcrack, Minnesota,

Picture 10“Hey Eunice, It’s getting pretty damn cold around here, maybe it’s time we went and visited your sister and that dolt of a husband of hers down in Florida”
“Floyd, you don’t like my sister and her husband isn’t a dolt, he’s just a bit different?” “and besides that the Winnebago hasn’t run for a whole year, probably won’t even start much less make it all the way to my sisters” “And on top of that what are we going to do once we get there? You don’t play golf, you don’t fish and you’re scared of alligators”
“Well, we could buy ourselves a motorcycle and ride it around?”
“Floyd, last time you rode a motorcycle you were a senior in high school and your brother bet you five dollars you couldn’t make it to the end of the block before you crashed his…I was there, you didn’t make it ten yards…what makes you think you can ride around Florida?”
“Well, that was then, I’m better at things like that now?”
“Oh really?”

The real truth here was that Floyd was tired of being cold, Florida sounded good but being with his sister and brother-in-law was only just a bit better than being snow bound all winter

So the conversation went on but in the end Floyd won out…well, he was going to buy a motorcycle without telling Eunice. He did all the right the right things, he took the MSF course (telling Eunice he was going to the VFW hall for Bingo), got a bumper carrier for the Winnebago and bought he and Eunice a couple of spiffy looking helmets. Now all he needed was a motorcycle.

Floyd spent the next few days searching ebay for a motorcycle. He found a few that he thought he would like (his ego was well in place at this time…a GSX-R1000, a Honda Superhawk, he even thought about a Gold Wing?) but finally settled on a small bike that would be perfect to ride around town or a little out of town to get away from sister in law and dolt husband, (and Eunice too). It had to be light enough to fit on the bumper of the Winnebago and not scare Eunice.Picture 3

I found the perfect bike for my friend Floyd this morning on ebay, a Honda CL125. This is a bike that will get you all around town and away from the family when you need to. The Cl125 is a super easy bike to ride, requires almost no maintenance save for changing the oil, lubing the chain, keeping the battery charged and making sure there is air in the tires. This little CL I found today, needs nothing except a new battery. It is super clean, new tires and spokes. This is a very cool little bike. It would also make a very fun little Cafe Racer. Click on the pics below for more info and a lot more pictures.

Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 61974 Honda CL125

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