Don’t tell me how well educated you are

Tell me how much you have traveled.  For those of us that have spent miles and miles and miles and hours and hours on a motorcycle we know the value of that saying. But what have you learned? What did you want to learn? Or did you want to learn??

I have friends that are very highly school book educated but have no clue to the world around them. What happened ??

If you take the time while traveling on a motorcycle you meet the most wonderful people with the most wonderful stories that you will remember for years to come. OK, I know there a lot of riders that are full of shit… but, if you stop and think about it there are more that have good stories to tell instead of shit. Listen to them. They may be on their first BIG ride, They may have ridden their entire life and still on their old Panhead Harley, who cares, they are living the Moto Travelers Life..nothing better.

Ride safe, Ride Far and I’ll see you on the Road



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