Moto Traveling…Nothing Better

Through Social Media I have connected with a lot of riders that are into traveling on their motorcycles. Some are long distance types, you know the 800-900 miles a day types ( I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt ) others are the more like the couple of tanks of gas, a couple pee stops and a bunch of picture stops (nowadays that’s me)..but we all love to travel on two wheels more than any other way. Well, I like trains a lot as well.

When talking about traveling we all have questions about roads to take, sights to see, where to eat, what and how much to pack, camping or hoteling, how many miles a day…the list of questions go on and on….as do the answers. And so do the opinions. The beauty of social media? 

The thing about Moto Travel is that once it grabs hold of you it never lets you go…you are cursed for life. And a good curse it is.

On the road I, and all of us, have met some of the most wonderful people…not just on motorcycles. Someone at a gas station that asks about your bike, where you’re going then tells you ” oh, you gotta go see….” or someone at the hotel that lets you park your bike under the canopy for the night, someone that you meet sitting in a campground and starts telling you about when they used to ride a motorcycle. This is the story of traveling on a motorcycle. It’s the people on the road. 

And then it’s what you see on a motorcycle that you don’t see in a car…on a motorcycle your head is on a swivel because it can be. I just came back from a 6000 mile road trip…in a car. Dang, I hate when that happens. And as I criss-crossed this country I realized how great Moto-Travel truly is. On my bike I will stop more often to take a picture, just take in what is there. In a car it is more of ‘get from here to there’, not always and not for all travelers, but that is how it felt.

What I did learn on my last trip across the country, bringing it back to motorcycle travel and the social media group I am happy to be part of, is that next year when I get to do it on two wheels, I have so many great places to go and see and connect with other travelers. I have a bit over a million miles on my motorcycles, I’ve been riding a long time, and I so looking forward to next year.

Ride Safe, Ride Far…I’ll see you on the road,


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