Motorcycle Salvage Yard

Picture 1Every true vintage motorcycle restorer should have his own junkyard don’t you think? Well fellow enthusiast, this could be your lucky day. Who wouldn’t like a pile of rusty old gas tanks and frames? Seats and headlight buckets? Crusty old chains and sprockets? Wheels with broken spokes and carburetors that have spiders living in them? Engines that have seized and blown up? Boxes of wiring harnesses and stuff that you have no idea what it fits? This is heaven on earth and it can be yours for a paltry sum of money.

All of us that have older motorcycles have spent time at a boneyard. Searching through piles and piles of old parts looking for that one piece that you need and isn’t available anymore through your local dealership. Some salvage yards are nicely organized and there is someone there that is helpful and knowledgeable and there are those that are just junkyards. If you find yourself in a junkyard, you need to KNOW what you are looking for and have a lot of patience and imagination.

Looking for parts like I do every day, a necessity when you have a bunch of old bikes that need to be built or rebuilt, I found this treasure trove. Looking at the pictures, I saw a pretty complete Honda SL350, A Honda CB500, A Kawasaki Big Horn (?), a Yamaha Riva scooter. This is a rat bike builders dream come true. Look at all those frames and motors and gas tanks….oh man, it makes your brain hurt just thinking about all the possibilities.Picture 4

This boneyard is located in very very Southern California, Salton City at the Salton Sea so you can imagine that all these treasures come all the rust you could possibly want. How can you resist this find?

So,if you either want to move to Salton City California, or if you’re like a friend of mine that bought two forty foot containers full of oddball airplane parts and had them shipped cross country, this the deal of a lifetime. Click on the pics below for more. I love wandering through motorcycle boneyards, however, my wife takes away my credit card before I go.

Picture 2
Picture 3Motorcycle Salvage Yard

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