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The Alien Garage
The Alien Workshop
In the Alien workshop there is a 240Z with a Studebaker motor, a Motoguzzi Streamliner, a VW that's almost a VW, and God knows what else!
Cretins Motorcycle Club LA
Cretins Motorcycle Club LA
How much fun can you have talking about racing at the Isle of Man, then riding in the rain with the Cretins Motorcycle Club -- Too much!

Long Beach Motorcycle Show 2013Long Beach Motorcycle Show 2013
The Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2013 in Long Beach. New bikes and friends. Interviews with Scratch, Laura Kolck and Zero Motorcycles.

Hansen Dam Show and Ride
Hansen Dam Show & Ride
Focusing on bikes that are ridden and not those that have been over-restored, this event has become an institution with riders homing in from all over the state and beyond.

24 Hours of LeMons
Racing a $500 car with a bunch of other crazies is way too much fun! The cars, the characters, a great event! Chuckwalla Raceway, California.
Grand Canyon North Rim
Grand Canyon North Rim
Here, at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, you can best experience the grandest of canyons. Here, you can experience the canyon's colors, shadows and formations in quiet reflection and repose.
Long Beach Motorcycle Show 2013Long Beach Motorcycle Show 2013
The Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2013 in Long Beach. New bikes and friends. Interviews with Scratch, Laura Kolck and Zero Motorcycles.
Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon, famous for its worldly unique geology, consists of a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters carved from the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. The erosional force of frost-wedging and the dissolving power of rainwater have shaped the colorful limestone rock into incredible shapes.

Oatman, AZ
Oatman, Arizona
Welcome to Oatman Arizona, an old Gold Mining Town dating back to the late 1800's. In it's prime Oatman and it's neighbor Goldroad were the largest gold producers in Arizona.
Zion National Park, Utah
Zion National Park, Utah
Zion is Utah's oldest national park. The park is known for its incredible canyons and spectacular views. Famous hikes including The Narrows, Subway, and Angels Landing attract adventure enthusiasts from around the world.
Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon attracts over 5 million visitors each year and by far is the most visited side of the Canyon. That's because it has railings! Really!
So Cal TT
So Cal TT
The annual So Cal TT - oddball cars, great roads, and a whole lof of fun. Oh, and the oddball people that like this sort of weekend.
Page AZ, Lake Powell
Lake Powell, Page, AZ
Millions of year ago, erosion from the Colorado River carved Glen Canyon, which straddles the border between modern-day Arizona and Utah. A combination of volcanic lava, erosion and wind then created the rock formations surrounding the canyon
Lake Bonneville 2012
Lake Bonneville
Welcome to Lake Bonneville. Long drive, track washed out, and too much rain gave us an extra day to finish the bike.
Long Beach Motorcycle Show 2012
The Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2012 in Long Beach. New bikes and friends. Interviews with Crocker Motorcycles, Arlen Ness and Nicky Hayden.
Bonneville Prep 2012
Bonneville Prep
The annual prep for Bonneville. Always last minute scrambling to get the bike done.
Fillmore Car Show
Fillmore Car Show
The annual 4th of July Car Show in Fillmore, CA. Yeah, I know the web site is about motorcycles, but I also love hot rods and low riders!
Go-Kart Racing at Miller
The Pros on Go-Karts
Great fun watching the 2-wheel pros race on 4-wheels. Along with local celebs, fans plus military personnel. It's always good to have the military on your side!

Over the Hill Gang Motocross
Over the Hill Gang Motocross
A great way to spend a Sunday is hanging out with the "Over the Hill Gang" racing motocross. Perfect weather and a great track. Too much fun!

AMA Pits at Miller
In the Pits at Miller
Talking with Eugene Lafferty of Aprilia Racing about his career and his brother's racing.

Superbike Miller Motorsports
FIM Superbike 2012 at Miller
World Superbike at Miller - Fantastic racing on a perfect day . . . It wasn't raining!

AMA Superbike & Supersport
AMA Superbike at Miller
Chris Fillmore - From XR 1200s to the KTM RC8 - adding more color to the AMA Superbike Grid.

Long Beach Cycle Show 2011
Long Beach Cycle Show 2011
The Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2011 in Long Beach. New bikes and friends. An interview with Ari Henning. Learning how to pick up your bike the right way.
Family Motocross
Family Motocross
One of the great things about the World Superbike races is Family Motocross night at Deseret Peak complex.
Superbike Starting Grid
SBK 2012 Utah Starting Grid
Why is he looking at timing sheets when he should be looking at his pretty umbrella girl! "Hmm, I'm not going fast enough through Blackrock."

World Superbike at Miller 2011
World Superbike Utah 2011
World Superbike at Miller Motorsports in Tooele, Utah. Carlos Checa scores a double win. Sun, rain, snow . . . It doesn't get much better than this!
World Superbike Miller Motorsports Pits
SBK 2011 Utah Pits
Testing the bikes in rain, flooding conditions and dry track. Bikes packed in mud
from slides off the track and days of rain. Getting it right.

World Superbike Miller Motorsports Starting Grid
SBK 2011 Utah Starting Grid
On the grid before the start of Race 2 in Tooele, Utah. Checa strategizing his second win of the day.

IMS Long Beach 2010
Pouring rain, new motorcycles, and Flo. What do they all have in common? The 2010 Long Beach Motorcycle Show Media Day sponsored by Progressive Insurance. New bikes and friends you only see once a year. Time with Roland Sands and his buddy Andy Bell from Nitro Circus. Great fun!
Motorcyclepedia, Newburgh, NY
Motorcyclepedia, Newburgh, NY
The best motorcycle museum I have visited. Some have been restored but most are motorcycles that have lived a motorcycle's life, full of character and history.They tell their own story.
Catalina Grand Prix
Catalina Grand Prix 2010
Ater 50 years The Catalina Grand Prix returned -- Classic bikes at a truly classic event. Photos courtesy of Lise Ashforth.
Los Angeles Moto Film Fest
Los Angeles Moto Film Fest
The first annual L.A. Moto Film Festival hosted by the infamous Cretins Motorcycle Club. A great night in southern California -- indie motorcycle films, cool bikes and interesting people. No better way to spend a Saturday night!

LA to Barstow to Vegas
LA to Barstow to Vegas
Thanksgiving weekend in the Mojave Desert means the annual LA to Barstow to Las Vegas dual sport ride. Each day the ride started in sub freezing temps. That didn't stop Team Thousand Oaks Powersports from having a great ride. 400 miles in the dirt in 2 days. Too much fun!
World Superbike Utah 2010
World Superbike Utah 2010

The World Superbike championship comes to Utah - crazy weather, great racing, interesting interviews. A great weekend of motorcycle racing.
SBK 2010 Utah Starting Grid
SBK 2010 Utah Starting Grid

Some riders are nervous, some meditate and others are just having fun. Technicians are checking their computers, and the umbrella girls are smiling for all the cameras. It's quite a circus!

Route 33 Lockwood Valley
Route 33 Lockwood Valley

A great ride up Route 33 into Lockwood Valley. Beautiful mountain and valley views, a new gathering place getting ready to open, a great day's ride.

AMA Racing Fontana
AMA Racing Fontana

AMA road racing from Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, the first of the west coast stops. Photos from the garages, the pits, race action, and interview time.

AMA Test Day Fontana
AMA Test Day Fontana
The start of a new race season - two days of testing new bikes, new tires, new setups, even new teammates. It's a lot of work. AMA Pro racing test session at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

Friday Night Family Motocross
Family Night Motocross
WSBK is great. But the local motocross next door had a huge entertainment factor. From little kids that needed a push off the starting line to their moms flying over the jumps. Big Fun!

Long Beach Cycle World Show 2009
Long Beach Cycle World Show 2009

Motorcycle Shows are FUN - Sitting on all kinds of bikes, seeing friends you only see once in a while . . . What a great way to spend a day!

NHRA Pomona 2009
NHRA Pomona 2009

The NHRA Season Finale at Pomona Raceway. A perfect day for heart pounding, earsplitting drag racing and cruising the racing museum.
The Rock Store
A Day at the Rock Store
Valentine's Day at the Rock Store. For those of you stuck in the snow, I'm sorry. Here is a perfect day in Southern California with just a couple hundred of your closest motorcycling friends . . . Great weather, great bikes, great roads, am I gloating here??

Sierras 09, Jeff Maxwell's Photos
Jeff Maxwell's Sierra Photos
Every summer we ride the Sierra mountain passes and always take a friend who has never been. This year Bernie was out victim for day of riding in the rain.

The Bikes of Bonneville
The Bikes of Bonneville
I want to go fast . . . really fast . . how fast can I go? Bonneville brings out the ultimate in creativity for going fast. From 50cc to 3000cc!

AMA Grand National Pomona
AMA Grand National Pomona

The Motoworld gets dirty! The season finale of the AMA Grand National Flat Track series along with Gene Romero's West Coast Flat Track series.

Kern River Moto Camping
Kern River Moto Camping
Moto Camping on the Kern River. Besides a beautiful river and great camping, there is Johnny McNally’s restaurant . . . martinis and great steaks. Ok, so we weren’t really roughing it all that much.

Surf and Turf
Surf and Turf
When you gotta go, you gotta go, and my friend Jeff needed a ride. We headed up the coast, across the mountains, and back down into the desert. Quite an adventure!

The Salt People
People of the Salt

Land speed racers are an interesting breed, and once the call of the salt takes hold, well, your life is different from there on. Here is a view of that life and the salt people.
WSBK 2009 Utah
Dan Lo, He IS a pro at corner shots! Thanks, Dan.

WSBK 2009 Utah
WSBK 2009 Utah
A weekend at Miller Motorsports, Toelle, Utah. Interviews, garages, media, and race shots. It's all here.

Sierras July 2009
Sierras July 2009
A quick 1,750 mile trip to our favorite places and some new ones as well. Great food, great camping, great music, great friends. It doesn't get any better.
Eastern Sierras, Bristlecone Pine Forest
Eastern Sierras, Bristlecone Pines
Our traveling group loves the Sierras. Who doesn’t? This trip we visited the oldest trees on earth, camped where the views are spectacular and as always, ate and drank way too well. Moto Camping is the best way to travel.
Beautiful Utah
Beautiful Utah
WSBK the trip -- The luxury accommodations and the views.

AHRMA Willow Springs
AHRMA Willow Springs
The "Corsa Moto Classica" at Willow Springs. Vintage racing, classic bike show, junk meet . . . oops, I mean swap meet, and a great walk through the pits.

AMA Finale Laguna Seca 2008
AMA Finale Laguna Seca 08

Ben Bostrom, Neil Hodgson, Jordan Szoke, Jim Allen, Jim Rashon. Photos from the pits, the interviews and the race itself

Long Beach Cycle World Show 2008
Long Beach Cycle World Show
The newest, latest and greatest in motorcycling . . . from BMW's low-rider to Victory's Vision to babes on scooters.

Criss Crossing the Sierras
Criss Crossing the Passes
1500 miles in four days makes for a great motocamping trip. Good friends, good food and great roads ... what more could you ask for?
Bonneville Salt Flats
Bonneville Salt Flats
Goin’ fast baby!  Interesting bikes, interesting people and an amazing place.  My friends at Left Coast Racing . . . who did get a record on a 1959 Norton! Chris Carr at over 350 mph and many more.
Daytona Bike Week
Daytona Bike Week
The Cathedral of Speed.  Hanging with Earl Hayden, Yoshimura Suzuki, Corona Honda, Speed TV’s Brian Drebber and a whole bunch of Harley riders. Vintage racing, endurance racing and superbikes. And . . . tornado warnings? Yep!
Moto GP Laguna Seca
Moto GP Laguna Seca
Jake Zemke, Eric Bostrom, Chris Vermuelen, Jason DiSalvo, Tommy Hayden, Freddie Spencer. Photos from the track and interviews.
AMA & World Superbike
World and AMA Superbike Utah
Bayliss, Mladin, Spies, Haga, Hodgson, Duhamel, Zemke, Checa, Lynn, Drebber and ME...go to the podcasts and hear them all.
Sespe Sanctuary
Sespe Sanctuary
The palatial MotoWorld podcast studio right outside our back door. Condors, waterfalls, nature at it's best, and always a fun ride
Big Sur Camping, CA Route 1
Big Sur Camping, CA Rte 1
A road trip with friends - what could be better? A great ride up California’s Highway 1, camping in the woods, good food and campfire stories.
    Eastern Sierras in Fall
Eastern Sierras in Fall

Ah yes, fall in the Sierra’s, beautiful colors and . . . snow?? Camping at almost 10,000 feet and 20 degrees. What a great trip.  Fall colors in Vermont have nothing on California.

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