Revelations…not the Biblical version

Or…where do I belong .

At 10 years old I started surfing, surfed for 45 years and walked away. At 16 I learned to ski, at 50 I hung up my ski’s. At 14 I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Guess which one I’m still doing with joy in my heart ? You guessed right.  Every time I kick start my old Honda 350, push the button on my Daytona, wash my Stratoliner ( well, there is a lot of chrome on that one…takes all day…well worth it) I feel good.

I enjoyed surfing, I had a great time skiing, but I always knew where I belonged. On a Motorcycle. It’s my step dads fault. Mike loved motorcycles, he loved quirky motorcycles…funky old BSA’s ( it’s because of him I restored an old BSA C15 ) ,started me on a ’67 BSA Lightning, then tortured me with a Bultaco Matador..ok torture isn’t the right word…Big Time Fun is better.

I still had the BSA, moved from the Matador to a Pursang…I Loved Bultaco’s…and then, for some strange reason went and bought a Honda SL350. My Senior year in high school was getting to and from on the Matador..College year, the SL350..for a little while and then came…. The death of the Bultaco. So… the SL350 was stripped down and became the new desert racer. You know what..with a few mods..pretty damn good.

Well then came the next phase..while buying parts for the BSA I saw this Kawasaki H2 …the fastest motorcycle in the world!!! Next thing you know the BSA stayed there and the  Kawasaki 750 came home with me. It was not the same one in the picture, it is, but…I did a shit load of work to make it do what I wanted it to to do…and it was GREAT!!

Well, back to the title, The Revelation. That Kawasaki set me on a path of a lifetime. Before that bike I liked riding and racing, a lot!!!  but….with that motorcycle I learned to LOVE riding. Riding a motorcycle is much more than just riding. Surfing, Mother Ocean gives you the power, Skiing, Gravity gives you the power, Motorcycling...YOU have the power, the direction and a two wheeled friend that will take you wherever and whenever you want to go.

Ride Safe, Ride Far…I’ll see you on the road,



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