States I’ve visited on two wheels

While thinking about a friends upcoming road trip, I pulled out some maps of rides that I have taken over the years thinking I could give him some ideas. But knowing my friend as I do, I know he likes to plan his trips with nobody’s help, these are his own adventures.

While looking over the maps and picturing some of the roads, the sights and of course, the eateries, I got to thinking about all the states I have visited on two wheels. After that came all the states that I haven’t seen from behind the handlebars yet. I spent some time reading other riding friends blog stories about their travels and started planning my next adventure. While reading Marilyn Elmore’s escapades at I came upon a neat little program that let’s you map out the states you have visited. Go to it’s pretty cool looking at the whole of the country and seeing just how much of it you have seen..or at least the twisty road parts of it. It turns out I have ridden motorcycles around 15 states, just 15!!? How in the world did I put over half a million miles on a motorcycle riding in just 15 states?? I guess I had a long commute to work for a few years and always chose to take the long way home. And, all those one week trips around the west…I took the long way home from those too.

visited 15 states (30%)
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