Once IT Grabs you

IT never lets you go…The Motorcycle.

I’m here in a “Meeting”…  Hi, I’m Paul, I’m an addict. “Hi Paul” is the response. Next question is what am I addicted to…Motorcycles I say. Now some of the heads start nodding, some start shaking and a few look at me with pity in their eyes. They get it.

They too are the ones that sit in the garage late at night pondering over pistons, gears and spokes. The ones that subscribe to every motorcycle magazine and website on the planet, the ones that meet friends (motorcycle friends ) at 7am on a Sunday morning to go for a short (350 miles ) ride, the friends that spend more on a Tank Bag than fixing the kitchen sink, the ones that have to adjust the grocery store receipt to cover the cost of new tires…come on admit it…you’re one of us.

How do we cure this addiction ??? We DON’T !!!  Why in the hell would we want to???? However there is a bit of a hiccup here…for those of us that are married…need I say more ?? No. But, many of us Moto-Addicts have developed certain skills that we at our “MA Meetings” share. Like, having a junky old car in the garage with an old sheet over it (promising that we are going to get it running one day) but that sheet is just big enough to also cover that basket case ’67 Triumph Bonneville you’re hiding, or the new shocks that are hidden behind the refrigerator in the garage that just holds beer for when your ‘MA‘ friends come over.

No, really, Motorcycling is an addiction. Once you love it, you love it forever…Simple. Yeah it drains your bank account, costs you a couple of girl or boy friends along the way and has ruined some friendships. But then there is this…and it is so true.


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